My name is Lisa Sutherland and I live in Olney, IL.  I have quilted since 1981 (1975 if you count my first 2 baby quilts) and have taught quilting since 1989.  I became involved in making patriotic quilts to honor my father, husband, son, brothers, uncles, nephews, and cousins to recognize their service and honor them.  I started Quilt Jubilee because I have found it difficult to find patriotic fabrics and kits to make quilts.  I also found it being very expensive.  I am offering some fabrics, but mainly quilt kits at what I think are more reasonable prices.  All the kits are from patterns I have written and will be included with each kit.  There will never be more than 20 kits from a fabric combination so you won't see hundreds of them out there.  I'll be using the patterns over and make up some new ones.  Hope you enjoy!

The patterns are sometimes named after who they were first made for or in honor of someone special.  Ray's All American Star and Stripes (I have shortened to Ray's All American)  was the first one I wrote and made and is in honor of my Dad, Marion Ray Shurtz.  He served in WWII in the Navy and the quilting honors my Mother, Yvonne Shurtz, who would love the fact that I am being creative and sewing.

I do this for the Veterans and Service members who have and still do, give up a lot to serve our country and keep us free. This business and the website has been a labor of love and a learning experience.  If I had not kept in mind the reason for doing this, I would have given up a long time ago.